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Locus Map Classic weather problem in the evening

Žilina shared this problem 14 months ago
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Whenever I use the weather feature in the evening it doesn't show me the weather for the current day but the next (tomorrow).

I've attached a screenshot taken at 9:38pm last night.

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*** Update ***
I've just seen this post:

Would it be possible to show the last weather from 9:00pm as it will be more relevant than weather nearly 2.5 hours ahead?

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unfortunately, it depends on what we get from the forecast provider. Weather is distributed in the three-hour windows and if the last is distributed at 22.00 and you come at 22.01 you'll get the next one = 01:00.

The LM4 should soon use the "current weather", but as it is paid query, it will not be implemented in the LM3.


Zdenek, Locus team

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