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From LM classic to LM 4

Nynu Prunean shared this question 12 months ago

Hi, a few years ago I bought Locus Map Classic Pro, if I want to migrate to Locus Map 4, some features like altitude graph are under payment plan like silver or gold, which in LM classic is Unlimited. Should I pay extra for this features? Thanks

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I'm not part of the Locus company, but have been in IT for more than 40 years. It's pretty simple: you either collect maintenance fees, or offer subscriptions, or your company will die. Because you will not find enough new customers to survive.

When you migrate from Locus Pro, you will get the first year of Silver for free, if I recall correctly. For the future beyond: see above.



the differences between Locus Map 3 Classic (formerly PRO) and Locus Map 4 with Silver Premium are summed here:

Detailed comparison of the Silver and Gold Premium is here:

As Michael said, you can use the Subscription discount for Pro users and get Silver for free or Gold for half (one year). So you can test the Silver (which is quite the same as the Classic) for the year and decide later.

In my opinion, there is a lot of new or reworked stuff in the LM4 worth checking out.


Zdenek, Locus team


Put it this way, the money i spent on Locus 11 years ago was about £2.50 to buy pro

That wouldnt even cover Menions time to answer 1 question, let alone the 46 odd ive posted here.

feature requests the team have often done just because only 1 person sometimes have asked for something.

So ive paid for gold since it came out, even though i havent been out much since covid.

Google rewards is usefull as it gets you points to spend, i make about £30 a year on their surveys...

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