Easy way to import/export/share custom POI icons, quick point settings and the like

Will C shared this idea 10 months ago
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Would be great to be able to easily share my custom icons and quick point settings with other users who are less phone/tech savvy. Some built-in import/export dialogue would really help.

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For context and maybe to explain a bit more; I work with a group of ecologists who work individually surveying set areas, repeatedly over time. If we find a target species, we note its location, take photos and share them via WhatsApp. The user group includes people of varying levels of tech-savvy and we all use whatever mapping app we want, and we all use our own phones.

Since I discovered Locus, when viewranger transitioned, I've recognised the capability of some of Locus' advanced functionality to make my record keeping not only quick but more detailed with custom POIs representing various species and photos attached. Things like track recording profiles and even custom main menu layouts all contribute to making my use of Locus efficient and easy, once set up. I've been slowly working to get more of us using Locus, getting some to change to a new app is hard enough, getting some to go further and start customising the app will be even more difficult.

If we were all using the same platform, with some basic customisations setup, we would be a much better working group. If I only had to teach each of them how to import a file or two into the app so we all had the same basic customisations, this would make all the difference. I can imagine other use cases where sharing custom configs could be useful, clubs and enthusiast groups for example, that use mapping as part of their activities, etc.

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