New Seach - why are suggestions needed?

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This is more a UX and philosophic topic regarding the search.

I questioned myself why I as a user would need to distinguish between "suggestions" and the "real search".

Documentation of the new search is here:

If it is possible, there chould be an easy way to gain a search result with as less clicks as possible. How can this be achieved?

I see that suggestions can help users if they are in doubt of exact wordings, preselecting categories or even don't know what they are searching (do I search a place, a city, a category of POI, a name of a POI etc.), but the suggestins are maybe not necessary, if the user allready knows what he is searching for (we could call it a "pro user" 😉).

In the former search, it was done by first selecting what kind of search should be done (in a bit cumbersome way. The user was needed to understand the different searches and had a way to limit the search to his needs. He allways had to remember, which context was selected at the last search because it was not visible in the search functionality directly. It could have been a more easy selection or by "predefined searches" or by quick select the context).

Anyway this UX has been replaces by an "intelligent" search which does not need to destinguish beforehand. But arrised new challenges as the context of the search has been moved to the suggestions (an additional step to the sucess of the "right" search result).

Question: why to the suggestions? There may have been some discussions in the background about where the selection of the context can be achieved.


If we could get rid of suggestions, the users will be able to do less (or more intuitive) clicks (at one place, not at two places).

It could be a better way to do the search right away from the input and enrich the results by the context (in which context the result was found) or a filter (according to the context like... Google results, offline POI, individual POI, ...). Please move the decission of the user about the search context and the "right result" to one place.

It would be also very useful to see the distance of the result to either the current GPS position or the map center (I wouldd prefer map center).

In short: It could be possible to enpower the search and it's UX without the "in between step" of suggestions. See also which confused me by being urged to think about differences of suggestions/search results 😉

What do you think about it (merging suggestions and results into one step)?

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Hi, little late to the "party", but anyway.

Thanks for the idea. I see major benefits in the suggestions feature. On other hand, I understand that user shouldn't be forced to use it for some cases where currently it is mandatory - like POI categories. This is something what we are discussing internally, because it is very hard to technically do for us. For sure we will be trying to improve in this though.

But still suggestions should and will give you different results. Because as you mentioned - suggestions are trying to guess what you want to search. The actual search after that must more strictly follow what exactly you entered for you to be able to find stuff what suggestions algorithm never list due to their supposed insignificance.


For the new search there is a topic in the forum where current problems and suggestions are discussed. The search will be constantly developed in the near future.

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