Startup much slower since update

Ajay shared this problem 10 months ago

After a recent update of LM Classic, the startup process hangs for a long time around 67 - 69% (as per indication on screen). The last item shown is loading trips and caches, so I erased all cache files, but that didn't help. My best guess the problem first occurred when going from v3.67x to 3.68x

If the extra delay was 1 second or 2 I wouldn't write this topic, the total startup time is now about 30 seconds, and that slow loading step takes 20_ seconds. My questions are

- do other people see the same problem ?

- is this normal or due to a DB problem on my phone ?

- any suggestions ?

Thanks a lot !

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Maybe they displayed a lot of tracks and points.


It wouldn't have changed significantly when upgrading the app,

Anyway ... concerning tracks, I have a total about 50 tracks in the DB, and to points, I just deleted all points (after backup), and restarted the app. Same result. Makes me believe that something happened between 3.67 and 3.68 ...


Still under 5 seconds here on Android 12 with 3.68.2



the app start speed is influenced by several factors:

- number of active tracks, routes and points on the map

- map overlays and other active map items (KML files etc.)

The less the map screen is cluttered, the faster the app starts.


Thank you for your reply. I think I have provided sufficient details to show

a) number of active tracks, etc. is small on my phone, and deleting them didn't impact the startup delay

b) I am not using any map overlays or active map items

c) the delays did SIGNIFICANTLY change (from under 5secs to over 20 secs) after update

Thanks also for the hint at using LM4. No problem to pay for maps and other when I need it, but I do not want monthly, unmotivated "leasing" charges. That is why LM3 is still alive.

Tested LM3 with a new phone yesterday (much faster, Android 12, same settings and maps etc.) Startup time is still 20+ seconds. The classification "not a problem" is a problem if (for other reasons) the user cannot run LM as a service.


Ajay, please try the following:

- turn Locus properly off (double tap on the hardware "back" button)

- erase the following files from /Locus/data/database/ directory:


- restart Locus


Just try LM4. I think that the latest developments are integrated there.

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