Help desk: New comments of visited topics don't load

Sonny shared this problem 10 months ago

Hi, unfortunately the problem mentioned here:
still exists.

I analysed the issue, and its because of false set cache-headers of your server:

  1. deprecated header "Pragma: no-cache"
    but it's info is correct: Don't use cached sites in a forum/helddesk but always deliver the a fresh site with the latest comments.
  2. Cache-Control: private, must-revalidate, (max-age=2592000)
    max-age is just set if User is logged-out.
    is the correct header regarding site-cache but using the wrong values for a helpdesk/forum: right now the site always loads the cached (=old) version of a site without the latest comments. Use: "Cache-Control: no-cache"
  3. Expires: Wed, 10 Jan 2024 11:37:28 GMT
    delete it, makes no sense for uncached sites and tells Browser to load old, cached version until Jan 10th 2024

Please fix these headers within the Server, thanks.

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Hi Sonny, thanks for the report. I've forwarded it to the devs of the helpdesk provider.

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