Profile-dependent, times before command, when Locus notify

Peter Müller shared this idea 10 months ago
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Would it be possible to integrate different threshold times for the navigation announcements for each profile?

Excerpt from config.cfg:
# times before command, when Locus notify (in seconds), default is: 15|35|300

When hiking, a single announcement (15s) is usually enough for me; when cycling, however, the announcement at 35s is important because otherwise, depending on your speed, you will already have passed the fork in the road.

That would be great.

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So I always have 15s in when I'm cycling. It's always on time. Maybe it's because your GPS is very inaccurate or your phone is in an awkward place. Mine is on the handlebars.
The speed should not have any influence. Because with the 35s, the current speed is already taken into account. At high speed, the announcement comes a few meters earlier. At slower a little later.
But of course it can still come to different wishes.
You can make also only one announcement, make simply only a number purely. navigation_announcements_times=15


Thank you for your quick answer.
I will try the single announcement with 15 seconds once a weekend.

Great thanks.


Just to hijack this idea but related. If locus could send alerts to Tasker, the the navigation instruction could be acted on in different ways, bright flashing screen, TTS, beeps, flashlight flashes, all sorts of things. same with guidance beeps etc

you could set the alert time at say 1 minutes, then tasker could arrange multiple alerts ....


I like the idea of Tasker. At the moment I try to intercept this with Logcat. But direct is always better. Since it has nothing to do with the proposal, it is best to create a separate proposal. You already have my vote.

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