Offline Maps, Tracks, Points missing after latest update

Pat rup shared this problem 6 months ago

Hey the problem from the title.

I tried login of and in again but they didn't show up.

Restarting phone also didn't help

What to do?

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I think the problem occured because after I started the app (with the new update) I was is flight mod.

I does not show up my existing maps under "Maps-Manager" -> offline maps.

I also can not reimport them from the main folder.

I also can not see my already paid maps anywhere.

In the main folder there are also not my tracks and points. Or maybe I am looking at the wrong folder?

The app should not delete content after updating.

I am on Google Pixel 6. If this helps in any case.

Kind regards.



Did your phone do a recent Android update?

What Android version are you on now?


It's android 13

Build TQ3A.230805.001

I have automatic updates so yea could be ;)


Hmm, an update from (probably) Android 12 to 13 should not create such a problem. But you shuiold check the directories were Locus maps etc are installed. Read this:


Sorry for needing so long for reply.

Thx, your hint would help me!

I did have this older folder setup. But its kinda strange that this AndroidFolderpolicy was enforced only by now.

I did find a folder "localStorage/Locus". But with Android 11+ this is not the folder anymore and with some new update (don't know if the locus update misbehaved, or if there actually was an android update on my phone)

Solution was to migrate this folder into the "Standart" one. Using "Settings->Data->AppDataTransfer"

Kind regards

P.ast.Scriptum: This app should really not discard offlinesettings and map after restart/update. My problem was that I was at remote place and could not easily find internet But was strongly relating on this app working properly.

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