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Richard Ruhland shared this idea 7 months ago
Gathering feedback


Are there any efforts to set up a social media Account? Competitors such as Organic Maps ( are very Active and advertise for your product.

Why not Locusmap?

VG Richard



gibt es Bestrebungen auf Mastodon ein Social Media Acccount einzurichten?

Mitbewerber wie u.a. Organic Maps ( sind sehr

aktiv und machen Werbung für Ihr Produkt. Warum nicht auch LocusMap?

VG Richard

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Hi, we have several social media accounts which you can follow, for example:

Expanding our social media coverage to Mastodon is not in our current priorities, but we might consider it later. :-) For those who don't want to have accounts on networks mentioned above, I suggest to follow our blog - . That way you will not miss any important news from us!


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