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Waldemar Wawoczny shared this question 8 months ago

in navigation settings -> Advanced settings -> Command frequency, we can choose the frequency of direction change commands.
And it is the change, e.g. from Wyoka to Ňörednia, that causes some changes in directions to be omitted.
For me this is confusing.
Locus warns, on average, twice about changing direction (e.g. 200 m and 70 m ahead).
When changing from High to Medium - I thought that one of the warnings would not be given (e.g. no longer 200 m ahead).
Hence my question: what turns are omitted in the messages for the Medium option?
Also, why for missed turns Locus doesn't enlarge the map even though there is a speed reduction. Please remember that bends always pose a moment of danger.

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Hi Waldek,

the algorithm generating voice commands along an unplanned (imported, recorded...) route analyzes the bends on the route and places the voice commands accordingly. The higher the set frequency is the smaller bends are taken into account. I.e. the "low" frequency takes only the most curvy bends, the "high" also the mild ones.

The number and distance of voice prompts before a turn can be set individually in the "navigation_announcements_times" parameter in the config.cfg file (in /locus/ root folder, more at

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