Fade in the first x tracks in a folder via Tasker.

freischneider shared this idea 6 months ago
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I have a lot of MTB trails, always just the trail itself. That's why I sometimes have over 3000 tracks in one folder. Sometimes short ones with only 500 meters but also some with 2 or 5 km.
There is a trick to click on the folder symbol for a long time. But showing them all sometimes takes 2 minutes.
At the moment I use the function to show the first 50 or 100 tracks in the middle of my screen. But this is not so quick to achieve.
Now I have the idea to show the first x (e.g. 100) of a folder via Tasker.
This way I can create several tasks and activate them by voice. Or the task in the sidebar.

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Yes, that would be a nice thing about Tasker. I read that Menion wants to work on the database soon. I think you can integrate it there.
How do you create such a Tasker task in the sidebar?


i had a look and i couldnt see only show nearest x tracks in the API

the side button to run a task is the easy bit, tasker locus addon, add run task to side panel

configure the plugin to show specific tasks....

i have a task thats "navigation" tasker menu, which then launches other tasks...


Where can I find more information about the database schedule?

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