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Peter Schneider shared this question 7 months ago

Ahoj dear Locus developper team

I have used an Android phone for more than 15 years [with Locus!], but now I am switching to an IPhone for various reasons. There is only one thing I would like to have clarified: when will the world's best outdoor app finally be available for IOS? The reason why I'm unhappy is simply in case that I e.g. purchase the OutdoorsActive App, I have to install all the tools, and experience shows that you stay there for years or forever! I also don't want to lose all the tracks I've created by myself. In principle, I would also be happy to test a beta version if feasible. [IPhone12 Pro]

I hope that you will have a solution ready in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to hearing from you and to get a positiv respons.

Kindest regarss Peter

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Hi, working on it. ;) It will not be as advanced as our Android version for some time but the gap will be slowly shrinking hopefully. If you want follow development please see the link what Michael posted. With BETA builds you can already use it to transfer all your tracks to iPhone and have access to them there - if you sync them first to our cloud via Locus Map 4 on Android!

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