Smart watch position signal (GNSS, barometer) forwarding to Locus

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I find there is very little info about this topic in general (not just related to Locus) on the net, so I'm quite confused what's actually possible. If my research is right, then:

- Locus Map Watch add-on/app isn't capable of anything except for showing bits of map/navigation from the phone (which is always required with the main app navigating) (?)

- I know 100% Locus can handle external GNSS units which forward their data via Bluetooth as I have one old dedicated unit like that and it's quite useful as most phones' GPS just suck.

- I have zero personal experience with smart watches as I regarded them relatively useless but it seems some of them brag decent GPS/altimeter capabilities recently. Now does it mean they are capable of sharing that signal via BT like the dedicated units mentioned above? (it would be quite disappointing if not because what would be the whole point of such features otherwise)

Specifically, I spent like half a day figuring out whether "TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS" could work as external GPS unit for Locus Maps 4 (apart from showing also the map/nav bit on its screen via the addon which I'm fairly sure it should do) but it seems there is just no info whatsoever. If this particular combination doesn't work, then I definitely welcome tips for combo which would work as external GPS with Locus. Thanks for any advice in advance!

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If you want better position accuracy than on a smartphone, a smartwatch is not what you should be looking for. The position accuracy on smartwatches is usually significantly below the smartphone's accuracy. This is mostly because of the smaller size and the lower power on smartwatches. The only thing superior in smartwatches is that some have an altimeter, which smartphones usually lack. But I don't know of any smartwatches that can broadcast altitude/position in a way that Locus Map can use it.



Locus Map Watch works as an external monitor for the main app running on the mobile phone. Locus Map can be connected to an external GNSS via Bluetooth or USB. We haven't tested any watches for this purpose as their accuracy is quite poor compared to the mobile phone.

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