Can the usage of LoMaps and external Map Themes be improved?

druki shared this question 2 months ago

At every update of Locus Map App (V4 Gold), Update of LoMaps (Offline) there is a risk of breaking the pretty display that a user has found by combining Maps and themes.

I found several of such unwanted expected behaviours. Currently, New LoMaps South Germany with my favourite theming of Elements (Elevate) don't display all buildings. Before some months there was no problem, then several months ago I saw some missing buildings. But now (Dec 2023) the combination of Map/theme even does not display most of the buildings. See attached screenshot of working combination (LoMap with Lo theme) and not working display of buildings (LoMap with elements).

Is it possible to harden the combinations of maps and themes to identify problems before they occur? I as a user would love to see that unexpected changes could be reduced or be more transparent. A general note at new releases of a) "the application" b) "maps" c) "themes" will not be very helpful. Is there a change to improve automated or manual testing to ideentify such problems?

Probably my problem results in the usage of this combination of map/theme, but I have a mapstyle in mind that is not provided by standard themings of Locus (I love topographic maps).

Summary: can the dependencies be improved in a technical way to minimize breaking of such combinations (in the view of the usecase of the user)?

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I'm sorry, but you answered your own question. The problem is indeed caused by the combination of map and theme. The Elevate/Elements theme is developed specifically for OpenAndroMap maps. So I can only recommend using OpenAndroMap maps if you prefer the Elevate theme. OpenAndroMaps and LoMaps are not identical and you must use the correct theme to avoid these problems.

LoMaps map should be used with the internal Locus theme or with the Voluntary theme (available in the Locus Store)


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