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Armando La Greca shared this question 7 months ago

To whome it may concern,

A few years ago I bought Locus Map Pro and downloaded avery required update. However, when I changed my smartphone to a Xiaomi 13T, downloaded the App and logged in with the personal details of lagrecaarmando@gmail.com, I had a few problems when uploading a new track. In fact, the App shows me straight lines instead of curves (see attachment).

Is there a solution? Otherwise I'm afraid I will have to delete the App after many years of use, and download a new one.

Many thanks,

Armando La Greca

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please get Locus Map permission for all-time access to the location and exclude Locus from all means of battery optimization so that the app can run in the background, see http://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php?id=manual:faq:gps_lost_fix_android6. Also, switch ON (or OFF, try both options) Google Services assisted location in Locus settings - GPS&sensors.

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