Add Support for Garmin Connect (Course point) Icons

Matthias shared this idea 4 months ago
Gathering feedback

There is currently a set of Garmin icons available in Locus. These may work for Garmin old GPS devices, but they do not work for modern outdoor watches like the fenix series. These devices use the icons from Garmin connect, (aka "course point icons").

It would be super helpful to have these course point icons available in Locus and then of course also supported by the fit file export and "Send to Garmin" addon, do that the icons can be displayed during navigation on the watch.

Currently i plan my course in locus with waypoints, then send it to IQMapReceiver to set the icons, then sent it to gpx / fit Exporter to send it to the watch. If Locus supported the icons, I would only need Locus, not 3 different apps.

I know that this is not a new wish as it has been discussed in the Garmin Forums already 2 years ago, but I have not found it here and I thought if it gets enough votes here, maybe it helps assigning some capacities on that.

Here is the thread in the Garmin forum where it was discussed and which also contains more information about the icons:

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Nice idea! It would be so important to me!

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