Prenium account deactivated

Adrien sirieys shared this problem 4 months ago
Not a Problem


I've bought locus 3 in August 2018 and the recent update changed it to locus 4 which now tell me that I don't have a prenium account. I would like to have my prenium options back (no ads, altitude...)

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Hi Adrien,

Locus Map 4 is not an update of Locus Map 3 Classic. Both apps are detached and both go on in their own product lines. Update Locus Classic from Google Play Store: Google Play - LM Classic. You may uninstall Locus Map 4.


You can also go to LM4 and log in with the same account as before in LM3. Then you get 1 year of Premium in LM4 for free. If you don't want to stay with LM4 after that, you can go back to LM3 and keep your Premium. You have nothing to lose. LM4 is so much better and new features only come in LM4.

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