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Luca M shared this question 52 days ago

Good morning

our company has .kmz files with many labeled points (color, signal and text) obtained specifically from the .xml file created by Google Mymaps.

We ask you to answer the following questions:

1. Is it possible directly with your program (specify which program) to label a group of points in a massive way taking as reference a specific field of the .kmz file?

2. With the Locus Gold version, using the "multi-device sync" function, how many devices can I use and how many maps can we save and share?

3. Is it possible to directly import .kmz files into the WEB Planner in the Gold version?

Waiting for your response, thank you in advance.
Luca Minini

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Hi Luca,

1. no, this is not possible. There are a few operations you can perform on multiple points but not labelling. After importing a KMZ to Locus Map database, you can copy, move, change icon and update elevation of multiple points.

2. the number of synced devices is theoretically unlimited but all the devices must use the same Locus account

3. no, the web planner can import only GPX files

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