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Boris Dibrov shared this question 3 months ago

Question 1 (Attach - Locus 1.jpg)

What do these numbers mean? They don't change much on the plain or up to 1700 meters.

What's the point of them?

Question 2 (Attach - Locus 2.jpg)

GPS data. Is it possible to change the speed value to the distance traveled?

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First Question: This is the information box. In the dafault view, the first value is GPS accuracy, next value is number of targeted/fixed satellites.

More about the information box, see[]=accuracy

Second question:

You can select several informations by clicking on that area (but not single values). For distance of a track, you have to record a track.

Tip: you can use dashboards to build your own display of informations in Locus.

More information about dashboards:

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