How to find an intersection of three lines defined by bearings?

victor padial shared this question 2 months ago

Good morning. I wish you a wonderful day. I want to know some technical functionality of your software that can help me. I intend to find a point on a map (geographic coordinates) that is the intersection of three known directions (bearings), as you can see on the attached map. Thank you very much for your help.

Regards. Víctor.

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Hello and welcome! You will find some tools for projection and drawing lines and intersections in the geocaching tools. But as I can see from your map, it will be a big challenge due to missing informations on the map. The lines need a bit more information as it's labels seem to only refer to straight longitudial and latiduial lines trat are in general crossing with an rectangle, but on the map they are drawn with different angles. It could be possible that the map creator has some more detailled background about trigonometry and map projection methods that need to be known for solving that puzzle. Good luck!


Thanks for taking the time to explain this! Thanks for the heads-up about the missing information on the map. I'll definitely keep that in mind.

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