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Alistair Parsons shared this idea 2 months ago
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Just saw a post on a military blog about Tactical NAV


one of the main thing it has that locus doesnt is drawing

this idea has been rejected by menion before


also I think the ATAK app has drawing.

while drawing is usefull for military mission planning, it may have more civilian uses.

Evernote used to have the ability to edit/marhup on top of a map note.

while you could do this wit a screenshot

a note layer than panned and moved as the map layer moved.

ive been talking with a local horse group about getting them all to move from OS maps to locus.

a lot of them while they use OS maps, they also have printouts of maps as they have to annotate while on horseback modifications and notes to the OS map...

while you can create notes for points, they need to draw path adjustments, where gates and hedges need to be moved, and this must be done with drawing not point notes

the layer doesnt need to be live shared, but of it could be exported as a map item...

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I would like a draw function too.
I love mountain biking and currently printing out huge plans, to manually draw all the interesting mtb places and mini tracks (sometimes only a few hundred meter).
The only way I can think of now is to create lots of POI and hundreds of small tracks. Some of these are multiple roads with common crosspoints. So these would then be multiple short tracks. Which is too complicated, time consuming and not intuitive.
Using a drawing function, I could add all these freely, even if there's no road or .. in locus.

Like an overlay where you can draw.
Then use the overview to plan or pick up interesting shorts around the location I am.

You might call it a custom personal heat map or a drawable overlay :)

PS: I briefly looked at the GIS app, however I haven't found a way to adjust colors of the lines, how it might sync with locus maps, ... I just think it's not the right tool.


Using the online web version is also somewhat cumbersome.
To many small tracks to add, and can't make all the tracks visible at once nor change color and line thickness.

Would really love to see a possibility to do this. Might help me out to plan great routes combining these found nice pieces of route.


Just spoke to the horse group this week, they have similar requirements, they print ut OS maps and use a highlighter, their horsriding tracks intersect and diverge just like your MTB tracks, rather than AtoB routes

to be able to move the who riding club from using paper maps, map calibration wont do by the look of it, although may have to if there isnt a notes layer...

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