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Waldemar Wawoczny shared this problem 12 days ago
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it happens that there are detours during navigation, or I want to take a shortcut and now...

1) The navigation cursor continues to follow the route, and the detour is only a moving point that in the sun, in summer
it is barely visible
Is it possible to create a cursor or a larger visible point for the detour?

2) I reached some intersection, I want to check how to get to the route, but now the map starts to rotate to the true N direction. This is irritating, because I had a reference to N, which was at the top of the screen, I have to turn the phone appropriately, and I am holding the bike , or I'm on a bike.
There would be no problem if the N direction was still at the top of the screen, as with navigation.
Is it possible to do this so that the N direction is still at the top of the screen? It would be really helpful - how to get to the right route.

3) It happened to me when I had a route mapped out (approx. 30 km) and I used a shortcut - the program showed me how to get to the route. I was surprised that I used the same shortcut on a different route (approx. 80 km) and the program did not offer me this route. In general, these proposals to designate a new route when I deviate from the route are very rare, and when they do occur, the proposal is sometimes absurd.

4) if the route sections overlap, and then the route changes direction at an angle at the intersection (the sections diverge), the navigation does not show me the exit. However, when I go straight through this intersection, the navigation arrow shows straight ahead.
I already reported this issue 2-3 years ago - and I still see that you can't fix it, which is a pity.

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Hi Waldemar,

1) turn off the "snap to route" option in the settings > navigation > advanced settings

2) turn map rotation off with the centering button, see

3) Locu Map offers two ways of route recalculation in case you deviate from the original route - with point priority and route priority. The first one tries to get the shortest route to the neares waypoint on the route or to its destination. The latter tries to find the shortest way to the nearest place on the original route. More at

4) could you please point out such a place and send a GPX of such a route planned in Locus Map route planner for a test? Thanks

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