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Add orienteering map made of Finland (MapAnt)

Hannu Hjelm shared this question 4 years ago

Basically, "MapAnt" is a gigantic orienteering map covering almost all of Finland. It is licensed under creative commons and serviced by a tile-server. The map would be huge help for everyone in Finland who understand orienteering map features and the fact that this map was not drawn by a human but laser scanning airplane and a heavy-duty cluster of computers. :)


with best regards, Hannu Hjelm

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Dear Hannu,

thank you for info about interesting service. However have you already tried Maps > Online > > Peruskartta ? Would you please compare it with ?

Thank you



Hello Petr!

The Kapsi-map is familiar to me and I use it on Locus Pro by default. However Mapant is on other level when looking for topografic content. It is great when hiking etc. I'll post comparison pictures.


Hello Hannu,

thank you for images. I checked the mapant map and I can understand it's benefits for orienteering. But I can't see any benefits for other users because map without labels aren't useful (from my point of view)

However you can add map manually if map is available under CC and if it use tiles in form of OSM slippy map. Please see

Thank you for understanding

Best regards




this map received a WMS-interface in december: link and snippet below

However this does not work perfectly as there is slight offset between tiles in closer zoom-levels..

Can you take a look at it?

Thanks in advance, Hannu

"From December 2017 onwards map can be accessed via WMTS and WMS. There is currently three alternatives available:

  • (3) WMS, TM35FIN (EPSG:3067) only. Here is WMS URL. Maximum image size is 4000 x 4000 pixels. Image quality is best if requested resolution is a power of 2 (1,2,4,8 ... m/pixel) and image is size below 3000x3000 pixels. Please don't overload WMS service with lots of big requests, we would like to keep this available to provide easy way to access data with clients supporting WMS but not supporting WMTS, such as Ocad"

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