Add "Remove" to long tap on panel

gynta shared this idea 7 years ago

If it doesn't make too much work...

Most time of changes on the panel we add, change or remove an item, right?

My idea:

-scroll to item

-long tap item -> "remove"


Currently, we have to

-scroll to item

-long tap item -> "modify panel"

-scroll again to item

-tap 3dot menu -> "remove"

Same with "Change"

(I understand that, "Add" was little bit different.

So we can leave it into modify)

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Ah gynta, such idea from you? :).

I'm sure you well remember how these menus looks like before change. There were already these buttons, together with move up/down and maybe one more? (five buttons if I remember correctly).

Whole purpose of this change was to move these buttons into one single screen - "Functions panels dialog".

So sorry, but i have to decline this idea. Do not know, how often you change these buttons, but really so often? Extra buttons should be on 100% faster, but it will add back unnecessary complexity, which I removed few months ago :).


i know it's more a heavy tester idea/problem :)


Yop. I also too suffer when during testing, I spend half of time by changing icons in right panel, but ... I know you understand, thanks!

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