Add special folder for managing all NoGo points

Andrew Heard shared this idea 16 months ago
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Nogo points are only visible in the Route Planner even though they are saved like other Locus points. They aren't otherwise visible on a map. If you forget the location of your Nogo point there is no way to find it again. If you have a growing collection of Nogo points there is no way to manage them. There is no way to share Nogo points.

This suggestion:

  • Expose all Nogo points via a special Nogo points folder.
  • These points can then be visible (active)/ deleted/ edited/ exported/ imported/ sorted consistent with other points/ folders.
  • Allow Nogo points to be visible (or hidden) on a map like other points/ POI (outside Route Planner mode).

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yes that would be very helpful. would improve the overview