Improve handling of NoGo areas for navigation/routes

druki shared this idea 10 months ago
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Problem description:

I use LoRouter Offline when doing a spontaneous Navigation and sometimes there is a traffic jam or closed road which I can set as NoGo area. Unfortunately it is not possible to edit usage type, seize or valid time during setting the NoGo area from the navigation panel. I have to recall that NoGo area from the map to set this information.

If I forget the NoGo area, it is hard to find out on later Navigation going through that NoGo area to remind that there is this NoGo area.

It would be helpful to have a better handling of NoGo areas.

Ideas (maybe one idea, a combination, or all or a new concept can be implemented to make navigation with NoGo areas easier):

1. Create more transparence about NoGo areas that are currently stored in the database. List them im a UI to be able to see them and check if they are still valid (provide an option to display single or all NoGo areas on a map). Make this transparence independent of routes that potentially go through that area. Let the NoGo areas from the list be able to edit or to delete.

2. Let the user define a default setting for NoGo areas to be able to set it e.g. to 4 hours. By this, a temporary NoGo area can not be forgotten, because it is deleted after this time and is not bothering at materr Navigations.

3. Let the user allways do the settings for a NoGo area on the fly if it is set on a Navigation (from navigatiom panel).

4. Delete the NoGo area that was set during a spontaneous navigation (keep it at recalculating the route) at ending of the navivation

5. Make it possible to differentiate the Setting of NoGo areas on spontaneous navigation by providing "quick temporary NoGo area" with 4h valid time, all types and 100m seize and "expert NoGo area" with settings of all parameters.

Feel free to make other sugcestions by which NoGo areas can be improved.

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Expose NoGo within a POI folder - then full visibility/ editing/ deleting is possible. I think this has been suggested many times before though.

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