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Adjust position progress function. Any similar solution in Locus ?

0709 shared this question 8 years ago

Planned route, user changes mind positioned on common forward/return trackpath.

In Track Navigator "Adjust Progress" be positioned on the return path section and continue navigate.

User stands at common tracksection and select from forward away path to return path.

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Aha.. I found a Locus solution. Did not work before as I was running tests in strict navigation mode.

And on such common track sections Nearest Point push only selects forward.

How to select into the opposite or return track direction ? Very simple !


Drive into return direction, when passing the first single trackpoint *zone in opposite Locus switches to return section.

If this trackpoint position is common with navigation waypoint you only miss that single instruction.

As this (strange) usage is only rarely needed, remember use NON STRICT mode !

*zone = In advanced navigation settings: Maximum allowed deviation.


Hello Willy,

I tried to read your description and watch your video two times, but to be true, I'm not 100% sure I understand your question perfectly.

Anyway seems that you found a working solution. Glad to hear it :).


Ah ok...I see, but no sorrow, all works fine now indeed. Was not clear ? Ok.

It's about 2 tracklines on top of each other. One is going away from the startpoint, covers the second one to be used later in time when returning in opposite direction.

In TN use that special button "progress adjustment dialog" to confirm you want to switch from the above navtrackline to the still covered second return line. Or set your (= false) trackprogress by selecting different precisely overlapping navigationtracklines. Roger ?

Attachment: Available TN manual. Take your time to read ;-)) But ok... about Locus behaviour now.

See in a Locus video what I was testing when suddenly moving backwards or returning.

In the navtrackline see the forward and reverse small arrows indicators.

User moving backwards, reenters the previous trackpointregion, until leaving this zone "Directionindicator Arrow" hangs and wobbles, then navigation autoselects the reverse navtrackline.


Ah understand, thank you for a video.

When Locus search for next navigation point, it also consider your current moving direction. So it should never happen to select trackpoint in opposite direction. But when you move a while in opposite direction, as I see on video, Locus correctly changed to reverse direction. And yes, disabled "strict navigation" is required, otherwise Locus will require to pass one trackpoint after another without skipping.

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