allow Information Panel to be hidden - just like other Top and Right side buttons

Andrew Heard shared this idea 9 years ago
Gathering feedback

With our small device screens we are continually trying to optimize space - a compromise between buttons around the edge, and maximizing the size of the map. v3.7 is a great step forward with the new Settings > Map controls > Set functions panel. Providing links to other apps is great.

I did make an ambitious suggestion to Make the Bottom Panel more customisable some time ago. It could have applied equally to buttons on all 4 sides of the display. Instead this idea is a little less ambitious.

Each button at top and right can be changed with a long tap. So how about allowing the user to hide the Information Panel[2] if desired by a long tap > Modify panel too? This would be consistent UX behavior. This space could instead display 3 standard buttons, which for some users may be of more interest. On my phone I could fit 7 standard buttons at the top instead of 4, and then no need to waste any space on the left and/or right sides.

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many words for a little idea. :)

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