Allow tap on POI icon to return immediately with repositioned map

Andrew Heard shared this idea 4 years ago

Recently Locus implemented features to quickly position map for

Now, maybe final place of inconsistency: menu > Points of interest > ...point > tap on icon > return immediately with repositioned map instead of display of point details. As for other two topics, may want to consider a slight increase in icon size.

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Just giving this trivially easy-to-implement suggestion a kick along, as part of overall LoPoint-subsystem neglect. I just tried to demonstrate to new user how to quickly display a LoPoint on the map, but it should have been simpler...

instead of (simple, intuitive & consistent with User points) sequence: menu > Points of interest > list of points > tap on icon > map is repositioned:


we currently have less optimized sequence: menu > Points of interest > list of points > point details > tap icon within the map at top of screen:


to further illustrate the inconsistency, for a user point instead of a LoPoint, the correctly optimized sequence is: menu > Points manager > list of points > tap on icon > map is repositioned

this is just one trivial aspect (but often used) of points subsystem that hopefully will see some redevelopment


Hello Andrew,

thanks for the push and extra info regards this idea. The old screen for managing offline LoPoints is really really old. I'm sorry, but further updates will have to wait on the new offline LoPoints version we will prepare in the near future and a new screen for managing these points. Thanks for understanding Andrew.




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