Turn on Bluetooth automatically when needed

Tim Finnegan shared this idea 6 years ago
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Android 4.3

I have bt sensors connected to Locus. On locus start I got annoying message "an app wants to turn on bluetooth" with Allow and Deny options. Is it any way to bypass it?

I have another app that can switch bluetooth on without query. So I think it can be solved.

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Good day Tim,

this is very interesting question. A long time ago when I was creating this functionality ( support for BT devices ), I'm not 100% sure, but I think that option to turn on/off bluetooth system directly by app, was not possible. I'm checking options now and seems it is not a problem.

Firstly, I've changed your question to idea and updated a title. It is possible to do something with it so now it is more an improvements of existing functionality. Feedback from other users will be welcome here ... question is : may automatic turning on be a problem in any situation?

I'm just thinking if turning Bluetooth ON always when it's needed, may cause any troubles. I'll be thinking about it and let you know here, when there will be any change. Thanks for a good question/tip for now.


Thanks! As I said there is an app that can do it - so I think that is possible :о)

This option will be useful if you need reset BT directly from locus. For "fix" buggy sensors for example


"may automatic turning on be a problem in any situation?"

I don't think so, if Locus automatically turns it off when not needed anymore (only if Locus turned it on, of course)


Hello! Some offtopic that is not complitely offtopic :о)

I get deeper in these my topic and it's indeed ble reconnection issue. Maybe because of "buggy" sensor Coospo H6.It became to show zero a few times per hour. Sometimes Locus can reconnect it automatically, but more often can not.If I look in BT manager I see this sensor connected but shows "invalid data". If I disconnect and then connect sensor Locus can not connect it.

I understand that BT connection issues is dark forest but there is a magic solution - restart bluetooth. And it will solve problem in a second. For me it do a very simple app . And there are a lot of switching BT apps.

So the idea in header is to have same functionality in Locus.

Maybe it will be checkable option to restart BT if reconnect is unsuccessful for a some time, 60 s for example during track recording.

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