Auto-load vector map for missing zoom levels of offline sqlitedb map

Alfonico shared this question 3 years ago


Using Locus version 3.30.2.

When using an offline map (sqlitedb file), I will like to have the vector map being displayed for the zoom levels that are not available in the sqlitedb map file.

Is this possible?

I have tried to set the auto-load settings to load all maps and to automatically auto-load vector maps, but this doesn't work.

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I'm sorry but such feature isn't available. Auto-load settings is only for vector maps - when enabled then several vector maps can be displayed together.

There is maybe one feature that could partially help. There is possibility to set "Global map" that's shown when you zoom-out. This feature is well discussed at

You can create (or download -see mentioned topic) pre-defined world sqlitedb map and set is as Global via Menu - Settings - Maps - Offline - Global map. Locus automatically shown this map from specified zoom-level. This is useful when you zoom-out to country / continent level

Thanks, Petr


HelloMany thanks Petr, I will try that.

Have a nice day

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