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Autorecalculate profile set when "ComputeType" in track is not included.

0709 shared this problem 6 years ago

Navigation Autorecalculate should memorise the last used (auto) rerouting profile set if "Compute type" info is not included.(= Never when using a tcx file). So Locus, specialised Cycling/Hiking app, should not favourise "Fast Car" for autorecalculate.


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Locus Pro 3.18.9

By long push on manual recalculate button choose profile. But the previously choosen profile is not memorised when a new (tcx) navigation session is started. Results in unexpected offtrack autorecalculating results by using wrong (Fastcar) profile. Or even refuses an (auto)recalculate. Or no succesfull autorecalculation toward the next (priority)point because positioned at an unexpected "impossible' location for a "Fast Car" routerprofile.

Actually: Start Navigation by tcx file, but before any autorecalculate is triggered, user should NEVER forget to preselect the recalculate 'cycle' or 'walk' modus' and such without triggering autorecalculate because starting in Offtrack position.



I suggested similar sticky setting a year ago.

Most common use-case is to use same profile most of time.


Hello Willy, Andrew,

thanks for this issue. Agree ... implemented. Will we working in next (beta) version.

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