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B router maps

yannick coudé shared this question 4 years ago


I've just installed Locus Map, and Brouter for Navigation.

I downloaded in Locus the LoMaps of my area, some hundreds of Mb.

Now Brouter also wants his own OSM maps, some other hundreds of Mb ...

Knowing that for car navigation i use OSMAnd, which already has hundreds of tiles of map, up-to-date ...

And i ask myself about the logic of having every maps in 3, having to uptate all 3, also they are all OSM ... isn't it possible to have only one shared map directory, where Locus, OSMAnd and Brouter accesses ?

Only one map collection to keep update, not to bother with SDCard size ...

Thanks already for guidance.

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Hi Yannick,

I'm sorry but I'm afraid I haven't good news for you:

as for the maps - Locus Map and OSMand use completely different software for rendering/displaying OSM vector data. Therefore - no way to share the data between the two apps.

as for BRouter - it doesn't work with maps but with navigation data extracted from OSM database - again, a completely different approach.

Therefore - it is not possible to share one data package among these three applications.

best regards

Michal, Locus team

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