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battery drain of 3.1.1?

ulmus shared this problem 10 years ago
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i have to investigate more but now i think that new Locus use battery

more... i am using locus with holux logger with bluetooth. yesterday i

did over 50km on bike in that configuration. once i had to check


and open locus connect to my logger via bluetooth, and after that just

close locus using back twice. when i got home my battery was under zero!

after 2 minutes connected to power i could turn my mobile on! i was

using nothink more. today i did similar thing: i check position in the

same way, when i was back home i check battery and i saw that battery

quickly used. Today i got home in time and had chnce to see diagram of

battery drain (today i was bike only 2 hours, yesterday it was about 8!)


did you check battery drain of locus? i have to say that i was using

locus in that way so many times, had blouetooth connection with logger

over few hours and all was great when locus was closed. Now when i close

locus i think that it still use somehow bluetooth and connection to

logger.... i cannot prove that cause i am not programmer but i changed

nothing in my mobile lately.... only new locus...

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Good day ulmus,

you don't need to be a programer to check which app is draining your battery. And maybe also why.

Please check for example this discussion - I suggest in the end GSam battery monitor apps and seems to be a good choice.

It's of course possible that there is any problem in Locus, but I'm unaware of any till now. So there will be need for some more testing on your side.

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