Best phone / brand for Locus

khkarel shared this question 2 years ago

Hi All,

does somebode have experience or recommendation which phone works best with Locus? I have the feeling that it's not easy to buy a phone with good and accurate GPS and also with working Locus app.

I see that Huawei has recently problems (killing the app), other phones have problems with GPS accuracy. I would like to purchase new phone with limit 7-8k CZK and have no idea which brand to choose.

I had good experience with Huawei P9, but this one is almost out of the market...

Any recommendation?

Thank you in advance

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Hi Karel

The theoretically smartphone with Qualcomm SnapDragon GPS chip sets is probably the best on the market.

One drawback, energy consumption is greater than others.

But in general, all branded mobiles have sufficient accuracy. (real 5-10m)

So you can better focus on battery capacity, construction resistance and your other preferences.

P.S .: New GPS chipsets with support for the L5 band (accuracy up to 30cm) have already been installed this year. Original requirement for autonomous vehicles (Lane identification on the road) This L5 band has already been released to the public. (Not only for the army)

The Broadcom® BCM47755 supports two frequencies (L1 + L5) and, as a result, achieves in outdoors much higher resistance to multipath and reflected signals in urban scenarios, as well as higher interference and jamming immunity.

Chances are, we’ll have to wait for Qualcomm to build its own version.

They are not currently available in standard devices. I hope soon...


Hi Condor,

thank you for you comments. I am looking forward for such accuracy :)

Regarding phones - I am sure that it's not only about Chips, I had phones with Snapdragon with poor accuracy. Also I saw many comments that Xiaomi doesn't have good accuracy, but I don't know if it's correct.

Another question are the battery saving features that are killing Locus on some phones.

That are the reasons why I ask for recommendation.


The Locus killing problem is a matter of Android 6 ++.

And it's not about killing an application but about OFF GPS in power saving mode.

By the way, the power-saving mode when the screen is turned off is quite unnecessary.

Do not need to demonize saving mode.

Reduce brightness, sync, internet, etc. I set myself up. I like things in control and I know especially what I lose and what I get. He will do the same things plus kill the GPS. (reduces CPU timing - irrelevant in standby mode if the display is off)

Are we buying expensive 8 core devices and are we saving mode? Yes, I know...

My son has an old 2 core device (HTC 300) and lasts for the same use of Locus 2.5-3x longer than my HTC M9. Son is always a good reliable backup.



You mentioned that it's problem of Android 6++, but what does it mean exactly? All devices with Android 6 and newer have this problem? Or does it depend on the producer how he handles it?

Looking on some topics in this forum it seems to me that there is no solution for some devices, but for some it works fine. Do you know why? And what to do to buy the model that will work with Locus?

I am not expert at all in this area, therefore I have such questions


Hello Karel,

I may tell you experience with some devices based on a support we provide to users. Currently, there is the only single device that still has unsolved troubles with Locus Map: Huawei P20.

Generally, all new Huawei and Xiaomi devices are really aggressive in the area about battery saving. A lot more than official Android version. I personally use mainly Samsung devices and never had any problem with them. GPS accuracy? Don't know .. enough for everyday use.

So expect mentioned Huawei P20, all devices should work fine if you disable something here and there. We try to collect this info here: . Use it if you encounter any troubles.


all i use it