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Brouter navigation Profiles

Ulrich Kiermayr shared this question 6 years ago

Since the last Beta of Locus has the option to configure Brouter within the app.

But the Routing profiles in Locus differ from those avaliable in the Brouter app.

Are there different profile stores or why i do not see all of them?

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Good day Ulrich,

this feature is really in early Beta, so expect changes.

Anyway for now, you may disable top "Custom" button. Disable button means, that BRouter will use own internal profiles. If you enable "Custom" profiles, Locus configuration will be used. Currently there is a huge list of profiles from Libor ( ). In final version, list of profiles will be limited only to few of them.

There is currently a nice feedback directly from BRouter developer , so now it's really in some testing phase. Feedback is anyway welcome.


From the feedback you linked i saw, that also Profiles stored in Locus/data/brouter are shown and used. that is useful, but: Why not (additionally) show profiles stored in brouter/profiles2 (the brouter profile store) - that way the profiles are in sync and i do not have to copy the files around.

But anyway a cool new feature!


Reason is, that for most of users I wants offer as less options as possible. So only a few internal profiles optimized for a few use-cases. Advanced users may use original BRouter system and users that use BRouter only in combination with Locus, may simply use Locus/data/brouter directory.

If also original BRouter directory will be included, since first start of app, there will be few internal profiles + whole content of BRouter/profiles2, which should be quite confusing.


Yes, I can see your point.

Then how about a checkbox: "Include BRouter Profiles" or something like that to optionally include the brouter profiles (for advanced users).

Reason I am asking that: I regularly use the Brouter App to prepare longer routes (not to run into timeout issues). On the road I usually navigate along that route. Then it is useful to have the same Profile in for the navigation i had for preperation of the route. Thats why I want the same profiles in both.

And your Configuration panel for brouter is much nicer than the one from the Brouter app - that is why I want to use this ;-)


I don't see any new Locus/data/brouter directory although I can access the new BRouter configuraiton?

But I'm with Ulrich. I was initially excited to read about this new beta feature but don't like idea of duplicate profile directories. So now if I use BRouter via function button - my "heavy duty method" with To/ From/ Via points, the profiles are from /brouter/profile2 directory, but if I use internal Locus "Navigate To" function - for quick/ short navigation, the profiles are from Locus/data/brouter. So I must copy files from /brouter/profile2 to Locus/data/brouter, link up each profile to correct file, and ensure they stay identical in each directory. So for me, is better to not have custom settings, i.e. no change. Then just one set of profiles right?

What I had hoped to see instead was customization of the 5 profile names - car fast/ car short/ bike fast/ bike short/ foot. As a cyclist 3 of the 5 names are useless. For my use I map

  • bike short --> velomobile.brf
  • foot --> trekking.brf

So would be nice to customize the Locus profile name, or instead of 5 fixed profiles, just read the files from /brouter/profile2 into list.

"So only a few internal profiles optimized for a few use-cases" - what is wrong with default BRouter profiles then if you want to keep it simple?


There is nothing wrong with standard profiles. IMHO users should be able to use both standard ( or later decided Locus predefined one) and custom profiles.

But in case the BRouter profile GUI options would be used, the profiles would have to be in 2 variants - Brouter one as is was until now, and Locus variant with parameter variable.


assiign avoid_toll 1 for Brouter

assiign avoid_toll %avoid_toll% for Locus


About Locus Brouter profile mapping, I would like the general idea of assigning Locus Navigation profiles slots.

Routing service, way of transportation(linked to icon),purpose ( predifined or typed ) and eventually BRouter profile would be the slot attributes.


Hello guys,

for next version, I've reduced options that you may define in "Locus customization" for BRouter navigation. In next version will be only options like "avoid tolls", etc. No custom mapping will be possible for now. More about it here:

Extra options like custom profiles will have to wait little bit ...

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