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Calculated time to destination wrong

Dirk H shared this problem 8 years ago

using BRouter offline routing the calculated time to destination appears

far from realistic ( e.g. 6 hours for 30km bicycle trip)

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Hello Dirk,

is this same incorrect value visible also when you ride for a while? Because time is computed based on your current movement and mainly from offline services like BRouter, there is no other simple method, how to compute this time to destination better.


Hello Menion,

I see this wrong value when the route was just computed. So, I think the time should initially be calculated with a given profile-related speed before considering the movement during the ride.


Good day Dirk,

I see we have here really old unsolved topic, sorry for this.

In current version 3.25+, computing of times was improved. Now Locus keeps average moving speed you have during various navigations and use these speeds for more precise time estimates. Hope this gives positive results (or at least better then during bug report) for you as well.

In latest version we also added support for online routing GraphHopper system, that has own mechanism for compute of these times, so I suggest to give it a try as these times to be really close to reality. Thanks


In the GUI of Locus the profile for navigation is already asked (car fast, car shortes, bicycle, walk). So I think it is not a good idea to derive the time to destination from the current movement speed. Maybe the interface to BRouter should be checked.

Best regards,


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