Cannot submit new topic in mobile version of help desk

Kozlov Aleksey shared this problem 5 years ago
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I cannot submit new topic in mobile version of help desk. Tried native browser and firefox.

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Good day,

may you please describe me what exactly is a problem?

If you are unable to find "how to add a new topic", please check bottom gray bar where should appear "+" symbol if you are logged in.

If there is any other problem, please post me a screenshot that should better describe where is a problem.

Anyway if there really will be any issue, I'll forward this problem to developers of this help-desk system. Thanks for understanding.


Sorry, it seems to be problem of understandig

When I press button "New topic" I can see Screen 1

Then I press "Continue" and see Screen 2.

On screen 2 I can see button "New topic" again and cannot see my topic.

So the point of misunderstanding is: why again new topic and where is mine just posted?

So I offer to change the button caption to "Continue with new topic" or somewhat similar.


Thanks Alexey,

agree, I've forwarded your suggestion to UseResponse developers:

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