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Ray W. shared this question 6 years ago

I don't like the voice guidance in navigation.

The voice sounds like a robot.

Is it possible to change?

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Thank you gynta


@gynta your example only shows how to select an existing voice, not install a new one

I am trying to install the voice Samuel for morse code. The video clip only shows how to select an existing voice, not install a new voice. The voice page says "tap the Android sign in your Android browser" - when I do this from Firefox browser on the phone I get an error message "couldn't find an app to open this link", and is referring to the link locus-actions://http/

When I open as text I can more or less figure out the 3 files I need to download and copy to correct folders, but I must be missing some simpler method.

<locusActions><download><source size="9999"></source><dest>/data/nav_audio/</dest></download></locusActions>;

I also thought maybe the Locus Store was the new method - I can see Navigation > Voices > Eliska, but no other voices...


I remember that there were some issues in some browsers. May you please try to tap on this file in different web browser? Thanks


Hi Andrew

You wrote: "your example only shows how to select an existing voice, not install a new one"

Hmm, but Ray ask: "Is it possible to change?"


Anyway, Menion already has noted: try to use a better browser...


And about Locus Store.

You are right but I think Menion wasn't absolutely sure about "terms of use"

because that's TomTom-voices, found on normal sites in the world wide web.


That's OK - 0709 helped me out with a manual installation of the morse voice. Easy when you know how, but your public web page says "nothing to install"? However it appears to me 3 files per voice need to be "installed". If there is an issue with terms of use maybe this web page, or the relevant voices, should be removed from the public because it seems misleading to me at present. I didn't really want to install or try from another browser app because the URL is very error prone to type by hand.

Samuel "morse" works well - thanks 0709!

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