Conditional Show/Hide filled areas or routes

Yuli Dionisov shared this idea 2 years ago

I use Locus mainly in city environment. In my city/country there are parking zones with different working hours and hourly fee. I've marked them with closed areas filled with different colors.It will be great if these areas automatically shows/hides based on conditions - time of the day and day of week. I hope such feature will be applicable and useful on many other cases too.

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Good day Yuli,

we had a quick discuss in our team and we considered that your idea is really too far from common possible usage for hike & bike application. It is a lot closer to some GIS based tool, so sorry, idea declined.


Thank you for the quick response. You are right that my idea is a bit off the main purpose of the application.

However, Locus remains the best application I've ever used and will continue to use it. It has a wide range of personalization capabilities and everyone can customize it according to their needs.

Great respect for developing the app and everything you do for us ordinary users.