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Cegam shared this idea 7 years ago
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Hi there!

During the last weeks I have been traveling by bike a lot and so I have become a fan of brouter's offline navigation.

However, while the trekking profile (linked to 'short' in Locus) is great it is not perfect: Sometimes the roads it guides me to are quite busy. That's a fact brouter cannot know because it does not depend on the streets name or numbering scheme.

Therefore, sometimes I set the avoid_unsafe flag in the trekking configuration file to true. This makes the route longer but safer. Unfortunately, this is very uncomfortable and I would much rather have both options at hand right from the navigation menu in Locus. I know that I could link the second trekking configuration to one of the car navigation buttons. But frankly speaking 'short' and 'fast' are misleading enough to me ;) Remembering which car profile contains my safe trekking profile would make it even more confusing.

How about the possibility to long press the buttons, which will let me chose a pictogram (car, bike, hiker) and a title (e.g. 'trek' and 'trek_safe').

It would be a purely visual thing since brouter's serviceconfig.dat would not be affected. But I think it would be a boost to navigation flexibility and ease of use.

Thank you for your consideration :)

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Nice idea for skilled mates.

This "feature" has to be made especially for brouter.

Maybe lot work for small number of users...

Anyway +1 for more flexible routing profiles.


There is multiple ready to use as well as tunable bicycle Brouter profiles, e.g.

One has to assign them in Brouter to its bicycle Short / Fast navigation modes, that are then used in Locus.

I use a mnemonic help of Fast biased toward roads and Short toward track.

while the overall bias is matter of the user preferences.


As example one can assign within the Brouter

Trekking-Fast as Bicycle Fast + Trekking-Dry as Bicycle Short


Trekking-wet as Bicycle Fast + Trekking-Dry as Bicycle Short


Trekking-dry as Bicycle Fast + Trekking-MTB light / medium / strong as Bicycle Short

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