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Alan Budden shared this idea 9 years ago
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Locus Pro already has brilliant support for differen coordinate formats, like Lat/Lon decimal degrees, degrees, minutes and seconds or Ordnance Survey grid references. However, if I have a coordinate, there's no direct way to convert between systems. A work-around (which I use extremely regularly) is to create a point of interest in one unit system and then switch the user interface to display in a different one. I generally want the user interface to use degrees and decimal minutes, so it would be nice to leave it set in this format but still to be able to do a quick conversion from DMS to OSGB or (more often) just highlight some coordinates and get them displayed in another format.

I would like to see this implemented in two ways:

  1. Go to the menu, select "Coordinate Converter" and a dialog box pops up allowing you to convert from any system to any other system.
  2. In a point of interest / waypoint (geocache or whatever) long-press on the coordinates and get a menu to either (a) copy to the clipboard or (b) display temporarily in a different coordinate system. Ideally this would also allow the user to copy the alternative coordinate system format to the clipboard.

Given that Locus already has all the conversion calculators built in and has some dialog boxes for entering coordinates in different formats, I'd (possibly optimistically) like to think that this wouldn't be too complicated to implement.

Thanks yet again for a great app.

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Yes that would be great. It would also help to see on the point detail page different formats. E.g. I need a different format for my installed car navigation system as I use for Geocaching. So if I could see both coordinates at the same time it would be easier for handling. Thanks !


Just as I wrote here, I think this would be very useful.

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