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Hilbert Setter shared this question 22 months ago


I am looking for a device (phone / tablet) to use exclusively with Locus Map offline.

Required features:

- very cheap

- no sim card

- from 5 to 7 inches display size. No HD needed

- long life battery

- wifi, even a slow one, used only to load offline maps and export / import tracks and waypoints. I would not use the device online for any application

- no or very poor camera (I am not going to use it anyway)

- good GPS receiver

- at least Android 6

- at least 16 giga internal storage to host offline maps

- I don't think a lot of ram and fast processor are required to have only Android and Locus run

Has anyone tested something with these features?

Please advise.


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I have no brands to advise bit "no sim card" means a tablet. Make sure it has a hardware compass. Not all tablets do and hiking with Locus is no fun without such a compass.


Dear Hilbert.

I´m sorry, but we don't like to recommend a specific brand, I leave the question open so that others can share their experience.

Best regards.

Adela Voldanova

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