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Roland Dobrokovsky shared this problem 9 months ago

Hello, since the last update the following unusual things occur:

1. Settings>Control>Map view:

the switch "Move map center" automatically switches on again an again.

2. Settings>Control>Map view:

"Automatic Zoom" automatically sets itself to 1000 km, even after changing the zoom or deaktivation, it is reaktivated and set to 1000 km. As a result, after using the navigation again and again only a zoo, in the map necessary.

3. When using the navigation, the "turn map" switch automatically turns on and the scale is set to 1000 km.

4. Settings>Control>Display

Full-screen display turns itself on again and again.

Sincerely, Roland Dobrokovsky

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Hi Roland,

yesterday we published bugfix version 3.40.2. Do these errors still happen?

best regards

Michal, Locus team


No, everything's fine, thanks !