Display never turns on during navigation

Andrew Heard shared this problem 9 months ago

The navigation voice correctly announces each upcoming turn correctly. It's just that the display is never turned on. This may be related to using a new phone with Android 8.0 because previous phone with 5.1 didn't have trouble. I have tested with latest 3.33.2 Pro & beta. I'm not aware of any special Android settings. There is no lock screen enabled. Phone is a Samsung A5. Both Locus apps are Device Administrators for Lock the screen, but no other actions. Should it have some Display action?

Relevant Local settings:

  • Screen on/off control: enabled + turn on when notified during navigation
  • Always on screen control: enabled + during navigation

Thanks for any help.


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Good evening Andrew,

interesting problem. I've just tested handling by gesture on Android 9 and no problem. May you please try it as well?. In Screen on/off enable gesture by the single wave and then just cover proximity sensor (next to rear camera) by palm and after you put it away, screen should turn on/off.

Also, you have an official version of Android ROM on your new device?


Hi Menion (PS. sorry for long story) - clever idea for testing - I should have thought of that too. I have the stock Samsung Android ROM ie. not rooted. With gesture enabled Locus is able to turn off the display but not turn on the display. I then did the same test with the DTSO app (Double Tap Screen Off) which had been working in proximity mode even when Locus did not work, but now it too has same problem. I am quite sure there has been no system update between time DTSO was working (less than a month ago) and now. DTSO has same device admin security to lock the screen, and no other action. So I reinstalled DTSO & now it is working again. So I took the risk of reinstalled Locus Pro too. Unfortunately the full Locus backup ZIP which is saved to /Locus/backup is deleted when Locus is uninstalled, and I did "full" reinstall by deleting all /Locus/* files. I did have a separate backup from a few weeks ago (I disable autobackup). I had tried a month ago to change this backup directory but always crashing. After the restore my presets were missing but after a restart they appeared - I have noticed this behavior before too. But finally the good news - after enabled the relevant gesture settings Locus asked to activate device admin security Lock Screen action, and gesture wave works, and Navigation screen control works too. One other observation - should data/nav_audio files be included in full backup/ restore? I noticed my own TTS files were also lost.

Thanks for steering me down the correct path.


Hello Andrew,

so many troubles with re-installation :/. If you have main app directory in the root of your internal memory (default) there should be no loss of data, only a few settings!

Anyway, it looks that device somehow decided that turn on off the screen won't work, hmm, never happen to me before. I'm glad you were able to solve this (even with some problems), because I can't imagine we try to find the real reason. Thanks Andrew!


> If you have main app directory in the root of your internal memory (default)

>there should be no loss of data, only a few settings!

true - unless (as I did) deleted that whole /Locus/* folder so "full" install was not using any old settings

anyway all good now thanks to you!