Display seconds in trackpoint screen

Tapio shared this idea 13 days ago

Hi Menion, GPX files have seconds as a trackpoint information, your recorded tracks as well, I guess.

Please display them in the trackpoint screen, there is no reason to just show hh:mm there.

I often missed seconds when analysing my tracks, thanks!

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Hello Tapio

understand. Added seconds for track > next version.



Thanks Menion, that is very kind. I have an additional idea. Thing is analyzing the track. For a recorded track, there is no easy or obvious way to look at "when was I where exactly".

I think the point screen is pretty empty and it could be much more helpful. For instance: Like playback buttons, which brings you to previous/next/first/last waypoint, what do you think? Going through the track this way and also seeing time and distance information (it could also display information about elevation gain and loss!) can help understanding the track!

By doing this you don't make Locus more complicated for average users, it would not disturb them. I can see your struggle in not making Locus too complicated. :-)


There is something planned, but I'll rather not promise now ;)