Display track segments in a new tab of track details

virtualdj shared this idea 4 years ago
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This is an elaboration of the existing:


Why not adding a new tab in a track details after Waypoints and before Laps that lists all the tracks segments of the current track? With segment I mean anytime you pause and un-pause a track recording, or adding a gap with the track editing.

Each row should have its own stats, if possible, and the possibility to delete an entire segment when editing. That, in my opinion, would be prefect to be presented as a new tab (as you could add action buttons for editing or displaying stats); segments are also supported by GPX itself.

What do you think?

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I was going to open another feature request like this, after a few years, because I needed a functionality like this... By searching I found that I've already submitted the request myself, and I completely forget about it...

Are there any news? Maybe in Lotus Map 4?

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