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develar shared this question 3 years ago

I am that stupid user who still use Garmin instead of smartphone.

I bought Locus Map Pro 4 years ago. Now, on my new device I got Locus for free. How do I can say thanks for your amazing app? I don't see donation form. Or should I just buy LoCoins as donation ;)?

I fully understand that donations income will be very little (as I am also open source developer), but form on site like is easy to create and maintain.

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Hello develar yep.

Thank you for your email :-)

In case you bought Locus a years ago, why did you install Locus Free now? Is there any problem with Locus Pro installation?

We don't consider about donation form due to paid Locus version and ad banner in Locus Free.

Kind regards



> why did you install Locus Free now

I did install Locus Pro. But as my account is the same, despite the fact that 4 years passed and a lot of new cool features were implemented, installation was free for me since it was already bought :)


Okay, I see! :-)

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