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is it possible to make the names (and icons?) of the routing profiles in the ‘Navigate to’-dialog editable?

I’m using BRouter with 5 special routing profiles for bicycles. Now I have to remember which BRouter profile is linked to Car-fast or Car-short.

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Name is already editable. Own symbols are still missing. Create additional profiles. The number of profiles is not enough for me.


Same here, I’d also like to have some more profiles with editable icons.


Or at least add the “river” profile from the brouter.


Hi guys,

suggest giving a try to the latest Beta version of the Locus Map 4 application.


In v4.20.1 the BRouter routing profiles selection & definition is IMHO really user friendly! 👍🙂 Three details may still be improved

  1. Add feedback to users that a profile was successully added – I added the same 5 or 6 times... Reproduction: route planner → click big blue button on lower left → click > right of profile → click + → provide a name → click "set".
    Current behavior: Nothing happens, hence, I assumed adding the profile did not work.
    Possible new behavior: Display "Profile added successfully" (similar to messages after exporting or the like) and impricitly trigger the action of the "back" button, so I do see the list of profiles with the newly added profile. This would also avoid crashes of Locus I experienced around every 2nd try to accidentaly add a profile for 2nd, 3rd or 4th time and clicking "back".
  2. It is possible to define a second profile with identical name + icon + category. As the two profiles can't be told apart, this shall be prevented – name or icon or category shall different to existing profiles, or alternatively to handle that in the app logic, on the database level, name + icon + category could be defined as combined primary key.
  3. After adding a profile and clicking it (so I want to use it) I get the message"The custom profile '<current profile name>' isn't available anymore. Can't find its definition file 'Trekking-Poutnik_ANGEPASST.brf'. Remove it?" with buttons No/Remove. The file
    does exist and is usable in Locus Classic 3.70.3
    I guess the reason is that during addition of the profile, underscore _ in the filename was changed to a space (in drop down "select source" the _ is not shown but a space and the file name extension is not shown), but later when using the profile, the same conversion does not happen again.


Thanks for the feedback!

  1. this is of course an issue. Fixed, thanks. The app should return to the previous screen with the list of profiles.
  2. I do not know 🤨 ... I'll probably let it be. I would say: "use identical profiles when you want"
  3. this is interesting. I can't simulate it even with an identically named file. And text visible in the chooser is a little modified, but still the original file name is saved.


@1+2 👍

@3 I did try:

  • rename another profile so the file name contains a _
    → works; a crash of Locus was not triggered by the name because it worked fine later on, but seemingly by being too quick in the procedure add profile → click back (I was able to reproduce several times)
  • rename my profile so the file name so it contains no _ and no sequence of upper case chaacters any more
    → still does not work. I attached the file.

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