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How to enable Voice Navigation in Simulation Mode (GPS Disabled)

Dustin shared this question 7 years ago

I expect to hear voice navigation when I disable the GPS and manually move the cursor along the GPX track when navigating. The navigation works without GPS, so there should be voice/beeps too.

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Yes, on desk you can simulate a real drive in Locus. Go to gps and switch to: Turn off getting locations. (each time after locus restart!) Then central cross will represent your fake gps position. By gliding with your maps central cross in the near of the track run....sloooowly, you can have a kind of passive drive with instructions.

IF !

In config.cfg in Locus map you have to set a certain speed. (car, biker or hiker) according to a virtual speed. This also determines the virtual distance where the Navi generation before a (turn)Navipoint will occur during simulation.

Use total commander app or other to edit.


set line


See example (zipped) config.cfg in attachment. See line nr 245.


Thanks for your comment! It worked with the modification you suggested. Maybe it would be a good idea to make this setting the default, so people are not confused when testing, like I was :)


Thank you @0709, indeed, this is best and only method.

"By default" - to be true, I think more confusing is that basic simulation works with disabled GPS. So question is if by default, this should be disabled. Have to think about it ...


I think it should still be possible to navigate without GPS. Imagine the satellites are knocked out or not available for whatever reason and you want to navigate by updating your location manually. I know this is far fetched, but who knows what the future will bring ;)

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